Adopted: Part 2

In last week’s blog, I opened the topic of our adoption into God’s family by sharing a bit of my own adoption story.  Please take a moment to read the post if you haven’t already.

As I continue a study of Ephesians with some friends, the Word continues to speak to me, resonating in new ways.  How I love this passage:

God saved you by his grace when you believed.  And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.  Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.  -Ephesians 2:8-9, NLT

As these words sink in I am reminded of my role, my participation, in becoming part of my family.

When I was adopted, I didn’t choose my family. They chose me.

I didn’t pay for the adoption, my parents did.

I didn’t hire the lawyer, sign the paperwork, schedule the court date, and take my three older brothers out of school for the day to be part of this milestone event in their family.  My parents did.

I couldn’t do any of these things, being a helpless newborn.  My parents chose me and wanted me, went to great lengths to make sure I was part of their family forever, always carrying the name they gave me.

I couldn’t take credit for any part of my adoption.  I didn’t earn my way into their family by being awesome, by doing everything I should do, by impressing them, but I became part of the family only because I was the daughter they chose, the daughter they took home, the daughter to whom they gave their name and shared their lives.

God went to far greater lengths to make us part of His family forever.  He chose us.  He paid for us with His precious blood, before we could grasp any part of it, before we even knew Him.  He arranged all the details when we couldn’t because we were helpless in our sin.  We don’t earn our way into His family by impressing Him, by getting it all right.

He loves us, His children, wayward, wandering, willful hearts and all, because we are His.

Let that sink in.

We are, in so many ways, addicted to achievement, thinking, perhaps subconsciously, that we can do enough, be enough, to earn our way into God’s good graces.  But it’s a gift.  He’s the Achiever, not us.  He’s made the way, scheduled the court date, signed the paperwork, and gave us His name.

Accept the gift.

Please feel free to comment below!  I am so grateful for your feedback.

Kathleen Tysinger
I’m a Christian girl on the journey through an adventure-filled life, a blogger, writer, speaker, and mom to two college students. I am blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart and we make our home near Sacramento, California. While I spent years as an English teacher and in the business world, I was given the gift of a “different-paced” life through the onset of a chronic illness in 2015, and my adventure continues…

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