Love Drops: a review

One thing that excites and encourages me is the wide range of different and unique resources available that can bless us and draw us into scripture.  I recently had the chance to look at one such study, created by my online friend, fellow Jesus girl, and sister writer, Leslie Eaton.
“Love Drops” is the 6th title she’s released in a series of adult coloring Bible studies, all of which can be found in her Facebook group that has an international reach for Jesus, Bible Stories From the Heart.  After seeing Leslie’s heart in this adventure, seeing the lives she is influencing for God, I wanted to share with my friends, many of whom I know have an artistic bent.
I’ve looked at (and led) many studies over the years, and one thing that stood out is the versatility and interactive nature of this format, easily shifting the role of the reader to participant.  “Love Drops” can be used for journaling, personal daily Bible study, a small group study, or all of the above. Focused on leading the participant into a greater knowledge of God’s amazing love, the study is truly directed by scripture, God’s love letter to us.  Resources also include a great framework for diving into scripture and pulling truths out of verses in new ways, whether used individually or with a group.
Speaking of which, if you’re new to leading a small group, there is a sample schedule for group study with some great hospitality suggestions and instructions that would make even a first-time group leader comfortable.
The flexibility built into this study is really conducive to artistic expression as a means of worship.  Throughout the body of the book there is plenty of room to draw, doodle, write, paint, or color, and participants are encouraged to let God’s love flow through them as they express their thoughts artistically.
Leslie is currently leading an online study within her Facebook group based on “Love Drops,” so swing by her Facebook group if you’re interested!  This study, and all of the other books in the series, can be found on Amazon for only $10.98.
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